Intuitive Grammar Activist

I believe in exploring our innate capacity of asking questions to strengthen critical thinking and promote communicative empowerment.

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The Intuitive Grammar is a grammar built on our knowledge and use of everyday questions. It is also an attempt at making grammar make sense for those who do not understand why – or even how – they have to learn it.
How does it work? My Intuitive Grammar establishes a relationship between kinds or classes of words and information units and the questions that they answer.
In this sense, question words like ‘what’ or ‘who’, or ‘how, provide the missing link between language use and grammar.
My Intutive Grammar has helped me clarify what words do when I teach languages. In fact, language learners have been the reason why I created this, as I wanted to provide them with a framework that would be accessible to them, something that traditional grammar often fails to be.
Whenever I start talking about this I feel that I am on a mission, hence the ‘activist’ part.

This is a playlist with a series of videos promoting my book.

And here’s me talking about it when it was launched.

But really and honestly, my vision for this Intuitive Grammar is that it is used to introduce new language structures logically and reliably.

Here are some intuitive Grammar cards for Brazilian learners of English. These cards explore verbal structure.

Have fun y’all :-)

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