manuscript assessor and creative writing mentor

I believe in tapping into the power and influence of the unconscious mind.

I have written over 4 million words over almost 40 years of work as a consultant, author and translator. Between fiction and nonfiction, I have written 33 technical, fiction, flash fiction and poetry books.

Between 2011 and 2021 I was tutored and attended several workshops and courses by James McSill – – and became a trained storytelling consultant.

As a seasoned writer, I know the difference between writing for a publication and writing from inspiration.

I am therefore capable of helping writers fulfil the full potential of their work. In my manuscript assessments and creative writing mentorship I provide guidance on several aspects of storytelling, such as plot structure and building, character development, point of view, pace, among others. 

I am a mentor of the New Zealand Society of Authors


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